Successful Business Minds Update

Successful Business Minds by Helen Monaghan will be published in April 2016.

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It is a book that is filled with great tips on how to have a better relationship with your finances so you can have a successful business.

It will bring together psychology, finance, science and spirituality by showing you how you can have a successful business that is aligned to your purpose, sits well with what you value, and still earn money doing so!

It asks you to consider what your beliefs and experiences are around money and success. It explains how your thinking is a blend of what others have told you mixed in with your personal experiences. The book shows you how to identify any blocks to money/success and how to change them.

There will also be additional downloads which will include free self-hypnosis audios that will help you to identify any unconscious behaviours or thoughts that prevent you from reaching your goal. These will also help you to align your business decisions with logic, your soul, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

It also includes some great finance, marketing and time management tips that have worked for my clients & my business.

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